Since 2008, we have been a family owned business that began as a tea shop; housed in a historical town in Canton, Connecticut. With the drop in the economy, we had to close the brick and mortar shop but we just couldn’t give up the dream of doing what we love!

Growing up in a little town in New England, we had a wonderful palette of colors to give us inspiration to create. In addition to the beautiful scenery, our mother was a huge influence. She enhanced, nurtured, and encouraged the artist we had hidden somewhere inside us! Watching her work with paint, pencil, pastels, and charcoal, we were inspired to begin our own journey as artists. She taught us to appreciate such artists as Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Maxfield Parish.

We began working with paints (acrylics and oil) but also works with mosaic art pieces, clay-board, sculpting, and pyrography. However, from the encouragement of our youngest sister, recent work includes a much different medium; soap!

We try to step outside that “soap” box to create little distinctive masterpieces either by making them with our own molds or purchasing them. To be unique in every way is very important and we hope to convey that through our work. Although they are almost too beautiful to use, we tell customers that each soap has a destiny; to be used!

We have lived in many places throughout the United States (New England, the south, and the Rocky Mountain region) and although we have not experienced a global culture, we have experienced the different cultures they each had to offer. These places have helped us produce original and colorfully designed soaps. We also gather ideas from interacting with other artists, looking through art magazines, fashion magazines, nature, listening to different kinds of music, and bouncing ideas off family members!